inspiration là gì

We don't look for inspiration, it tends lớn just creep up on you.

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This 180-degree semi-circular path is the inspiration for the game's name.

Luxurious cinemas, taking their inspiration from music hall theatres, were built lớn accommodate audiences in almost every neighbourhood in the thành phố.

Air ventilation takes place during a rapid dash lớn the surface with the expiration of old air preceding inspiration.

It has been the inspiration of endogenous growth theory and also of evolutionary economics.

There is a miraculous, sacred, awe-inspiring aspect lớn it.

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Phenomena is a gathering of spirited science writers who take delight in the new, the strange, the beautiful and awe-inspiring details of our world.

While some may think that she is on a vacation, they are wrong coz she is out there working at this awe-inspiring locale!

The music which ensued was innovative, experimental and awe-inspiring lớn say the least.

It must have been an awe-inspiring scene lớn witness.

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