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Our main interest was vĩ đại assess whether participants would produce innovative expressions rather than vãn relying on an existing linguistic formula.

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We called for the development of authoring systems that allow the implementation of innovative test tasks specifically for language tests.

Encouragement will be given vĩ đại innovative projects and thinking that seek vĩ đại address emerging labour market issues.

One innovative part of this model that relates vĩ đại this research involves how learning is often enabled by the conflicts between coalitions.

Evidently new and innovative procedures were timely - here was a sizable industrial undertaking (the cleanup) with very little previous experience vĩ đại build on.

Some examples of how tumour-associated gen alterations might be used vĩ đại develop novel innovative diagnostics and therapeutics are mentioned here.

Part two of the book is as ambitious as part one is innovative.

Imitation has tended vĩ đại be dismissed as a rather low-grade activity having, almost by definition, no innovative nội dung, but this is wrong.

The innovative variants are used by the younger non-professional speakers, especially females, who use more of the open schwa-like pronunciations.

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Both are femaledominated patterns, with women leading in the move toward innovative variants.

Is the experientially unfamiliar a major innovative contribution vĩ đại theatre?

They see this reformulation as a historical possibility already underway in innovative grassroots movements and experiments.

Radically innovative forms tự exist, but these are exactly the opposite of progressive rock in that old, well-established technology is used in new ways.

In changes from below, women tend vĩ đại use higher proportions of innovative forms (actuation) (2001:293).

This promises vĩ đại be an exciting and innovative conference, which integrates sessions for postgraduate students, within and alongside the conference proper.

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