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The solid lines indicate parasite differentiation and the dashed lines indicate modes of transmission.

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Their approximate position in the text should be indicated by a note in the margin.

A dash indicates that the pupil was absent.

Numbers indicate the number of individuals seen in each forest type.

An asterisk* indicates that we have not seen the item.

In the stop-signal task, this tone indicated that the planned response to lớn the grating should be withheld.

Initial analysis of the data from the interviews and tapes of the novices also indicated qualitative changes in the nature of expertise as it developed.

Analysis of single channel records indicate that the effect is to lớn favor transition to lớn a substate rather phàn nàn to lớn physically alter the conductance pathway.

Both of these subscales are scored ví that high scores indicate greater psychological well-being and vitality.

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The research indicated that it is helpful for the teachers to lớn focus on pupils' learning processes rather phàn nàn only on their learning outcomes.

The census returns indicate that many of those single solitaries - though some of the married ones also - were inmigrants.

A rapid review of the evidence base to lớn tư vấn school nursing interventions is reported and developments for future research are indicated.

However, co-occurrence patterns on burned sites were random, indicating absence of competition at fine spatial scales due to lớn differential habitat use within the burned landscape.

These findings indicate that, under conditions of reduced astrocytic coverage of neurons, diffusion is facilitated and takes place in a reduced volume.

Other studies indicate that the quality of trang chính and work roles intersect in important ways to lớn predict well-being.

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