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Thus, the production of development discourse continues as stories of poverty, malnutrition, under development and illiteracy persistently appear in texts and practices.

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Meaningful analysis of female occupation and illiteracy is thus non-viable because of the scarcity of data.

First, the information costs of contesting elections increased, as illiteracy rates declined and truyền thông media coverage (including radio) expanded.

In this respect a particular story illustrates how illiteracy impacts on electoral participation.

Overcrowding, together with poor sanitation, illiteracy and a complete lack of veterinary attention places this community at a high risk of acquiring zoonotic infections.

Four levels of education are considered: illiteracy, primary school, middle school, and high school or higher.

While the new constitution enshrines a bill of rights, poverty, unemployment and illiteracy remain essential obstacles to tướng the enjoyment of any rights.

Sharecropping was positively related to tướng illiteracy, although not to tướng race.

There is high level of illiteracy, massive dropout rate at middle and high school levels and limited access to tướng higher education.

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Given this procedure, there are several reasons why the census probably underestimated illiteracy.

It would induce boredom, reduce creativity and result in even more illiteracy.

There is a long list of what he calls "illiteracies" (p.266) (sparing, with elaborate condescension, the term "vulgarisms" for the moment).

Among other causes, the so-called 'language decline' is attributed to tướng thoughtlessness and illiteracy.

The widespread rumors of his illiteracy seem to tướng be at least partially true.

By 1820 illiteracy had again increased, and there was little evidence of a decline until 1850.

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