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They follow indigenous rice agronomy, ignoring the use of fertilizers, pesticides and even supplementary feed for the fish reared in the system.

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Using only the most rigorous design, on the other hand, ignores the probative importance of replication and corroboration that multiple studies afford.

Moreover, to tát ignore this combination of linguistic and sociocultural factors would degrade psychological research.

Unfortunately, many cognitive scientists have opted for a preferred cognitive paradigm while ignoring or misinterpreting critical technical issues.

The theoretical implication is that to tát ignore political culture in measuring and analysing state/society interaction could give a misleading picture.

Although she repeated this several times, the teacher and the other students ignored her.

The problem is that in focusing on an inherited internal mechanism, the role of learning over an organism's lifetime tends to tát get ignored.

While we ignore this in the analysis, this is something that should be considered when actually transferring money.

External benefits and costs that may be related to tát such investments are ignored since rational farmers are unlikely to tát be concerned about off-site effects.

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Superfluous vowels were ignored in this scoring system.

However, these theories may yield the minimum distance between particles which is necessary for ignoring the interaction between them.

It is, therefore, sometimes instructive to tát study a problem by ignoring as far as possible what came next.

Earlier studies of water demand ignore the peculiar features of the presence of block rates and perform empirical estimation using ex-post calculated average prices.

In the past, the concepts and practices of wild-living-resource conservation proceeded as if the human population problem can be ignored in day-to-day planning and actions.

This is a situation that we really can't ignore at all, even if we would wish to tát.

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