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Instead, they focused on the dominant urban health discourse surrounding reducing the cases of contagious diseases and improving hygiene.

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She discusses in detail four areas of verbal hygiene: copy editing, teaching grammar in schools, 'political correctness', and self-help language courses for women.

Reported gastrointestinal symptoms, general health and self-reported hygiene practices were compared.

Almost all respondents agreed that the epidemic had increased their awareness of personal and environmental hygiene.

It is also acknowledged that facial signs of ageing may arise through a history of illness, malnutrition or poor personal hygiene.

Guests were advised vĩ đại pay special attention vĩ đại hand hygiene.

Traditionally, emphasis has been on testing of kết thúc products for indicator organisms of faecal pollution or for process hygiene.

Food handlers should be supervised vĩ đại ensure that they comply with strict rules of hygiene and in particular that their hands are clean.

In our study most patients inhabited rural and suburban areas and usually did not abide by hygiene rules.

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In addition vĩ đại hygiene problems, maintenance of the distribution system proved vĩ đại be crucial for the delivery of good-quality drinking water.

The e-group also commented that distress may be caused if the patient is unable vĩ đại follow their usual hygiene practices.

Our work has compared case and control kitchens in terms of foods handled, food hygiene precautions and microbiology.

Compost now sold from the farm carries a quite clear health warning and the basic hygiene precautions which should be observed during its handling.

They carried out swamp drainage, malaria diagnosis and treatment, and implemented general hygiene and prevention efforts.

The resulting typhoid ('enteric fever ' or maagkoors) epidemics claimed victims annually and the tenants' ignorance of basic hygiene perpetuated the cycle.

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