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Confidence ratings are often collected from humans in this way.

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Without doubt, the success of humans has centrally depended on their ability to lớn acquire and transmit cultural information.

Second, this standard depends on secondary reports by humans.

Pigeons (and humans) will also make observing responses (which have no reinforcement implication) that tell them what reinforcement schedule is in effect.

After a period of adjustment, humans and other animals control their orientation and motion very capably under such conditions.

By far the largest residual (more phàn nàn 2.2 standard deviations) is associated with modern humans.

Thus, when known, the learning of cultural behaviour can be very similar in humans and chimpanzees.

At least in humans, adoption of cultural practices or beliefs often seems to lớn depend on an implicit recognition that the cultural item has social significance.

However, such an existence proof does not demonstrate that the same underlying architecture exists for the stored knowledge of objects in humans.

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The upper limit of verbal information transmission for humans is of the order of 100 bits/sec.

An interesting finding is that there is a substantial difference between humans and other animal species.

Modern humans are the only primates that impose geometrically regular shapes on objects.

Many are amiable and beautiful beings who have friendly relations with humans.

There is good evidence that humans have difficulty understanding random processes as part of causative accounts.

Thus, particles are patterns in the quantum field; humans are patterns in the particles; stock market crashes are patterns in the people; and ví on.

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