How to FIX Audio Delay INSTANTLY when using Bluetooth headphones to Watch TV / Videos

Devices used in the video:
Audio Splitter: Avantree TR302 –
Wired Speaker: Avantree SP750 –
aptX-LL Transmitter: Avantree Audikast Plus –
aptX-LL Dongle: Avantree AS70 –
Bluetooth Speaker: Bose Soundlink Mini 2

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**Eliminate Bluetooth Audio Delay Instantly**
0:14-0:22 Wired Speaker (No Delay)
0:23-0:35 Standard Bluetooth (200ms Delay)
0:47-0:55 aptX-Low Latency added (~40ms delay, not noticeable)

Standard Bluetooth Connection has around ~200ms delay, which often causes significant lip sync issue when watching videos/movies. Qualcomm’s aptX-Low Latency codec more or less “solves” the issue by lowering the delay to less than ~40ms. But then… most Bluetooth devices in the market still don’t support aptX-Low Latency… so what can we do?

The AS70 Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver dongle works with headphones/speakers from Bose, Beats, Sony, Apple, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Sennheiser, Skullcandy, Plantronics, Panasonic, Samsung, JBL, Jabra, Marshall, Yamaha, Pioneer, Denon.

Please note that aptX-Low Latency ONLY works when both sides support it. In other words, you DO need an aptX-LL device as a transmitter. Suggested aptX-LL transmitters: Avantree Audikast, Audikast Plus, Oasis, Oasis Plus, TC417, TC419, DG60, Leaf, Priva III, DG40.

AS70 also works with Headphones & Speakers from Bose, Sony, Apple, Beats, Sennheiser, Jabra, JBL, Marshall, Harman Kardon, Google Home, Amazon Echo Alexa, Panasonic, Beyerdynamic, Skullcandy, Plantronics, Bowers & Wilkins, Shure and more.

More about Using AS70 as a Bluetooth Dongle:
Connect with up to 100 headphones/speakers:


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