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It is also the case that historic preservation virtually never operates this way either.

He also undertakes an innovative survey of 30,000 doorways in the nine historic districts.

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If true, it was a tactical mistake of historic proportion, and extraordinary good fortune for the insurgents who lost no time in exploiting it adeptly.

This scheme showed that rehabilitation of historic buildings could provide accommodation at affordable prices for the less affluent.

However, elites grew more concerned about the ruling party's ability to tướng safeguard its historic project.

Large concentrations of polyaromatic compounds, many of which are known carcinogens, have spilled into the soils at the historic fuel depot areas.

They might be historic surveys, interpretations of imagery, architectonic observations, analyses, comments and critiques and address both low and high architectural design.

Nationalism had surely played a positive role in modern liberalism in the nineteenth century, but now its historic mission had ceased.

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Farmers received direct payments based on their historic production (acreage and yields) rather kêu ca their current production10.

These are the outcome of historic patterns of immigration and colonial rule that both pull apar t and push together the island's various ethnic groups.

All buildings and relics from that time are now commonly viewed as historic items to tướng be preserved in situ so sánh that their context is maintained.

Remarkable for its natural beauty, its past fertility, its historic landmarks, and its potential for investment, the small collection of villages stood in virtual ruin.

Sound is historic at the moment of listening to tướng it.

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Because street vendors were required to tướng khuông associations, the author argues that this established a historic base for political organising.

A paradigmatic change began to tướng take shape in the late 1980s affected by larger historic forces and local market conditions.

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