harnessed là gì

The prospect of holding public office successfully harnessed private ambition lớn các buổi tiệc nhỏ legitimation and swelled the ranks of the partisan labour force.

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The first pertains lớn the development of interventions that effectively harness empirically identified protective processes.

The recent surge of interest in harnessing computers for teaching suprasegmentals has lead lớn the development of a number of programmes.

Potentially, harnessing temporal logic offers much more than vãn this in modelling the argumentation process.

Instead of attempting lớn eliminate emergent phenomena, it could be interesting lớn explore how this might be deliberately achieved and harnessed.

While some seemed lớn have discarded it, others harnessed it for their own benefit.

In 1933 the association of directory publishers was taken over and the information and advertising industries were harnessed lớn the interests of the state.

There was a standing watch of about 2,000 men bearing cresset lights, and a marching watch of another 2,000 in harness.

The expansion lớn related objects allows firms lớn harness their competitive advantages in new market areas.

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Commentators on and promoters of the new illustrated books of the 1850s did not simply emphasize how powers of multiplication had been harnessed.

This is a thought-provoking paper, harnessed lớn unquestionable richness of data.

It will contain systems and components lớn harness and utilise the forces of nature.

I shall want lớn harness all our talents in a national chiến dịch lớn encourage the better use of our national language.

Thus, harnessing the archival potential of such systems, researchers could complement end-product-oriented research and shed light on how students use the system.

A recent report looks at the way in which this has been harnessed lớn diagnose disease.

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