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The hard core itself is taken for granted and remains relatively insulated.

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This 'hard core' kept their mouths closed, and languished for years in detention.

However, many mainstream economists have retained a modified notion of individual rationality, expressing some conceptual continuity in the hard core of the science.

The hard core resulted from the neglect of frail, isolated, sick and dispossessed elderly people.

We propose that the population of those in long-term care in care homes represent the new hard core.

But in the meantime, those still wanting sons were part of the hard core.

This, concludes the author punningly, is genuine hard core material, ' ' what it means lớn be, the rest all illusion.

Both hard core and soft core had their families in mind.

In contradistinction, if "crazy" was the hard core of the relationship, then the relationship could be classified as "crazy (known)".

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But we come back lớn the hard core of 12 lớn 15 percent who just refuse lớn conform.

Mathematics has an objective, ever-expanding hard core, the growth of which is conditioned by socially and historically determined images of mathematics.

The music ranged through the various dance styles from frenetic hard core and jungle lớn the more gentle ambient.

However, the second argument strikes even "hard core" retributivists as peculiar.

This hard core consisted of older and more devoted members, but they were probably less vigorous and did not proselytise lớn the same extent as before.

As those with shorter sentences who did not reoffend were able lớn take off their crosses, the remaining cross-wearers were identified as a hard core of heretical sympathisers.

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