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However, co-occurrence patterns on burned sites were random, indicating absence of competition at fine spatial scales due to tướng differential habitat use within the burned landscape.

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Secondly, the wildlife has to tướng compete with the surrounding agriculture for the habitat.

The reserve includes 640 ha of lowland tropical rain forest surrounded by a mosaic of disturbed habitats and secondary forest.

This is also unlikely as these amoebae were collected at the same place, in the same habitat and over a short period.

From this and other studies it is clear that habitat heterogeneity is an important factor that allows coexistence of closely related tropical plants.

The role of habitat complexity and heterogeneity in structuring tropical mammal communities.

As a result, seed removal was equally low among habitats (nearly 26%), high percentages of seeds dropping below tree crowns.

These species also occupy different habitats (intestine and stomach, respectively) and thus their co-occurrence is very possible.

Concurrent with habitat loss is the decreasing numbers of wild animals, particularly carnivores, in many countries.

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The third theme explores whether transgenic crops are necessary for the production of wildlife habitat and wilderness, and to tướng feed the world's population.

Many habitats such as mangroves and wetlands are disappearing fast.

For analysis, the wheat fields and the three successional stages of wildflower areas were considered as four different habitat types.

Foraging efficiencies of competing rodents: why bởi gerbils exhibit shared-preference habitat selection?

It should be noted, however, that while volunteer plants serve as a habitat for natural enemies, they also constitute a refuge for potato tuber moth.

The symbiotic state enables the lichen thallus to tướng colonize extreme habitats where the separate bionts would not be able to tướng survive.

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