grocery là gì

Assistants sold groceries from open store fronts.

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Walking outdoors, washing clothes, preparing food, independent travel (by siêu xe or train), shopping for groceries, managing money, doing heavy housework, doing light housework, and making phone calls.

I am horrified at the number of shopkeepers who are still prepared lớn deliver goods such as bread, milk, groceries and greengrocery.

The situation is sánh bad that a small cửa hàng selling basic groceries has had lớn be provided in the voluntary neighbourhood centre.

She would no longer be able lớn buy that bag of groceries—the cửa hàng would be shut because of bankruptcy.

Supermarkets have reduced the competition, particularly for groceries.

The sector where the increases are most widespread is groceries.

The customers would willingly pay higher prices for their groceries because of the saving in petrol and bus fares lớn the supermarket.

We vì thế not intend that a commodity lượt thích education should be sold over the counter, lượt thích groceries, for vouchers.

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There is one less than vãn a quarter of a mile from here which sells groceries, a few magazines and paperbacks.

Nevertheless, the figure amounts lớn £27 million a year in dry groceries alone.

As with any business—such as groceries or the manufacture of shoes—there are two aspects.

They take the pensioners' groceries—certainly the immobile pensioners' groceries—out with them, hand over the pension at the same time and then give the change.

In addition lớn providing postal facilities, it sells groceries, stationery, newspapers, tobacco and many other goods.

There are ad hoc committees of wholesalers and retailers concerned with meat, flour, bread, milk, sugar, tea, and other provisions and groceries.

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