futuristic là gì

This is all very well, but it's futuristic and slightly impractical.

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Figure 5 shows a futuristic view of the microrobot after assembling different pieces.

Since linking the mind lớn the head, brain research has frequently operated in an outspokenly futuristic mode.

Despite the extent of such truyền thông attention, the extraordinary impact of space, alien and futuristic themes on popular music remains largely unrecognised.

His futuristic image combined with his penchant for the seemingly arcane sườn of opera presented a camp discourse that subverts any claim lớn privilege.

There were, indeed, promising trends : from 1945 lớn 1979 the dominant ethic was socialist, futuristic, statist, egalitarian and international in outlook.

Thus, our proposal was not intended as a dramatic futuristic statement based on stylistic novelty, but as a subtle reinterpretation of familiar forms and ideas.

In part this is achieved through the mixing of nostalgic samples, futuristic technologies and alien imagery that blur temporal existence.

Cyberpunks are associated with technophilia, computer and hacker culture, smart drugs, and dark futuristic narratives.

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The feminist, futuristic potential of women's self-construction is nevertheless implied: if women's roles are constructed, they may also be constructed differently.

Thus, an analytical perception of the past and a critical view of the present were fused into a new futuristic vision of modernity.

For example, a combination of being successful and fun-loving could be perceived as being modern, without the element of being futuristic.

However, this futuristic scenario is well-nigh unintelligible.

This article explores the complex relationship between the numerous uses of space, alien and techno futuristic themes in popular music and the construction of various marginalised identities.

Broad similarities exist between sightings of such fantastic figures and more modern scientific visions and stories of futuristic hi-tech aliens.

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