furniture là gì

The designer, who draws walls or furniture or writes captions, never specifies the significance of his or her actions.

Items such as luggage, furniture and equipment are generally described as 'noncount' nouns, and are used as being grammatically singular.

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After a club or bar had been raided officers subjected the floor, cloakroom, and furniture lớn meticulous scrutiny.

The model includes walls, the floor, the ceiling, windows, doors and some heavy pieces of furniture.

Where possible, furniture stands forward from the walls and up off the floor, giving it sculptural size.

All the items of furniture, and even most of the properties, various bibelots, remain the same, although sometimes their function changes.

In addition, the forest sectors produced such value-added products as veneers, woodchips, and furniture products.

The furniture elements occupy the house much lượt thích the occupants - lounging about, leaning against walls or columns, or sitting around the edge of the room.

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The specially designed furniture, for instance, and the carefully designed cast-aluminium handles, sanitary fixtures, and light fittings all enhance the overall architecture.

Some icons representing furniture of this agent database are shown on the right-hand side of this panel.

The human bodily limbs were also mix as small-scale determinants in measuring clothing, furniture, and decorative features.

Telephone set-up and furniture and fittings costs amounted lớn an aggregate capital outlay of e11,988.

By denying the house and furniture lớn the children, older people could break the upward economic spiral in the family.

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Accordingly, fringe is rarely found on men's clothing or on the furniture designated for male spaces.

The community ' inherited ' domestic utensils, furniture, and clothes, together with money and sometimes property, from the nuns' families.

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