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Four years later in 2000 he was a full thành viên of the team.

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All games start with both teams at full strength.

They nevertheless negotiate the area trouserlessly as if it is still full of rusty girders and rubble, to lớn the bemusement of passing đô thị workers.

Approximately 50% of the kindergarten enrollment attend full day classes.

This thaan is still functioning in full fledge.

However, until the break-up of the university in 1773, the full-blown medical department was not established.

Animosities between the religious sects increased, and by 1860 they escalated into a full-blown sectarian violence.

Shortly after they move into their new home page, the sardonic jabs between them turn into full-blown quarrels.

As the tuy vậy progresses, the instrumentation and vocals become more hectic, ultimately ending as a full-blown dancefloor anthem.

Border skirmishes escalated into a full-blown confrontation, with intense fighting around the oasis towns.

Today, we have a full-fledged unit which designs our ships and as well as submarines.

As of next week, you'll see bủ on full-fledged promo mode.

The school, which has 2,000 and odd girls on its rolls, has been without a full-fledged headmaster for long.

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A full-fledged campus will be ready in two years' time.

Naturally, it requires the active and full-fledged involvement of the people in electoral affairs.

Metro rail services will remain available for the commuters at all metro stations during the full dress rehearsal parade.

Work on the stunning living art forms began at 8am, ahead of the full dress rehearsal eight hours later.

Service dress white includes ribbons, whereas full dress white includes ribbons and medals.

There have been rehearsals for all three candidates with full dress rehearsals planned this week.

Around 100 parade contingent took part in the full dress rehearsal which included paramilitary forces etc.

It gives a very full lip effect, while not being too wet or too matte at the same time.

They also have a high water nội dung, sánh they can leave you feeling very full.

We had to lớn stress really hard that our stomachs were very full and had no place even for a cup of tea.

Both were champions in their own right and lived very full lives.

There's a leakage of guitar into voice and vice versa that gives it a very full, natural sound.

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