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The qualitative character of men and women's friendships was often distinctive, although mediated by social class and area differences.

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Their roles in friendships changed too in that they needed to tát determine how their friends were responding to tát their illness and adapt to tát that.

Mediated by the appropriate understanding of character traits, consequentialism and genuine friendship are, conceptually speaking, perfectly compatible.

Although a specific investigation of gender differences had not been planned, nonetheless the disposition of the friendship composing groups meant that some gender issues arose.

Friendship attachments provide a sense of security and a sense of belonging which potentially counters isolation and loneliness.

The modified extended family, supplemented by friendships, provides substantial expressive and instrumental tư vấn but many vì thế not expect informal care.

They're based on less tangible things, your friendships and relationships and these are more meaningful.

Furthermore, all friendship relationships have fluid boundaries, in that over time they can become deeper and more meaningful, or retract and dissolve.

Adolescents were interviewed about their friendships, and their level of emotional sensitivity and maturity were rated.

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The familiar notions of friendship and conversation are shown to tát be useful in conceptualising the work of these projects.

Merchants may receive many comforts, but tend to tát be very guarded in their friendships, and not prone to tát laughter or gaiety.

Here was one reason that friendship among men was to tát be prized and cultivated.

Friendship is not a preordained or fixed identity that predetermines people's behavior; it can be negotiated and contested for interactional purposes.

Now, suppose that the empirical situation has favored the consequentialist and her friendly character, allowing her to tát develop deep, meaningful friendships.

The education group also developed new friendships of varying degrees of closeness, and their friendship networks were more complex.

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