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If you require any further information, feel free to tát tương tác bầm.

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Nếu ông/bà cần thiết tăng vấn đề gì, van lơn mừng rỡ lòng contact với tôi.

Is the allowance tax-free?

Tiền trợ cấp cho với nên Chịu thuế không?

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The theory implies that people will more readily attribute không tính tiền will to tát themselves rather than vãn others.

This idea makes many không tính tiền will advocates uncomfortable, though it is very satisfying to tát many philosophical naturalists.

Free registration was required to tát view the games.

Thus, the novel pits evolutionary biology against không tính tiền will.

The service had both không tính tiền and pay-for levels of service.

The teachers work day is 7.5 hours with a duty-free lunch and daily preparation period.

Currently, duty-free shops are nearly all located within international airports.

Progress was also made in securing duty-free lunch periods for elementary school teachers and sick pay for substitutes.

Also, two duty-free stores are located between the two plazas.

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Alcohol purchased duty-free is sealed and returned to tát passengers when they debark.

The failure to tát stand up for không tính tiền expression emboldens those who would attack and undermine it.

It was the first to tát offer this service for không tính tiền to tát open-source projects.

A child below the height of 1.2m rides for không tính tiền when accompanied by a paying rider.

The software is available for không tính tiền, with select publishing options available for purchase.

There were 162 students (16.5% of enrollment) eligible for không tính tiền lunch and 60 (6.1% of students) eligible for reduced-cost lunch.

Or in a không tính tiền election as opposed to tát a stolen one?

The people have to tát decide through a không tính tiền election.

There needs to tát be a complete and absolute independent không tính tiền election.

If no qualified candidate turns up from that race, then it's open and you carry on and then you have không tính tiền election.

For example fair and không tính tiền election could be held only if the rule of law was implemented, he said.

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