foods là gì

Frozen foods were priced higher than thở canned goods and also require the customers have freezer storage.

Underground storage was built for food, fuel, fresh water, and other supplies.

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Supplies of heating fuel, wood, and food ran low at bases.

The name is meant lớn indicate the importance of the genus in the food trang web.

In addition, it offers fried foods, in a bid lớn reach out lớn a wider range of consumers.

They produce a wide variety of goods, including luxury jeeps, infant incubators, butane gas cylinders, plastic tubes, canned food, meat, chicken, and more.

That said, hurling canned food won't solve the problem either.

The recipients built new homes and stocked their shelves with canned food -- a status symbol at the time -- and bought stereo systems.

These salts are also utilized for preserving canned food items for storing food products for longer periods of time.

At first, people panic, clearing out grocery stores as they horde canned food and bottled water.

The report comes when fast-food workers are organizing strikes and protests against what they say is unfair pay.

The figure first came lớn people's attention in a series of strikes by fast-food workers that started in 2012.

Nationally, wages for fast-food workers have increased 0.3 percent since 2000 (again, adjusting for inflation).

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But for business owners, this fast-food approach lớn sushi does offer some advantages.

Permission will not be granted under the scheme for certain types of shops, including amusement arcades, bookmakers, fast-food outlets, mobile-phone shops or "adult entertainment" shops.

In the đô thị, any food shortage would likely be very localized and temporary.

The food shortage hit my family in 1997.

He said the present administration was working hard lớn address the food shortage.

Zimbabwe is already suffering from a food shortage because of drought.

Children, especially those under five, are a key warning sign of how desperate the food shortage is.

People that love the ocean really love the concept of aquaculture, growing sea food for the future.

It's another star item on the thực đơn and not lớn be missed, especially for lovers of sea food.

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The willing sea food seller assesses the quantity and quality of the harvest and determines the quantity of fish commensurate with it.

He uses locally available ingredients -- spices, vegetables, sea food and meat.

According lớn the report, a key growth driver is the rise in the trade of frozen food and sea food products.