flexible là gì

The front and back of the plastron are connected by a flexible hinge.

They have flexible snouts and small eyes and ears.

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The abdomen of the earwig is flexible and muscular.

Hinges may be made of flexible material or of moving components.

A major challenge in writing the music was that the score had to lớn be flexible enough to lớn match the non-linear gameplay events.

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He sponsored the bill to lớn reinstate daily overtime pay with flexibility for workers and employers.

It is highly mobile in most directions, allowing a wider gape (i.e., the snake can open its mouth wider) and greater jaw flexibility.

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In his latest book he also espouses the benefits of yoga to lớn improve flexibility.

It is used in industrial applications which require transfer rates, safety, flexibility and a minimized implementation effort.

There are no mix corridors, and flexible walls create a flexibility of space.