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Diamond shapes are the “personality” behind an engagement ring. Understanding your style and what shapes you gravitate toward is an important step in finding the right ring. Look at your current diamond jewelry to lớn start. Diamond engagement ring shapes include:

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Round Brilliant rings

The most popular of all diamond shapes, Rounds create a look of undeniable elegance that stands the test of time.

Oval cut rings

A soft silhouette that elongates the fingers and maximizes carat weight, the Oval is one of VRAI’s most sought-after shapes.

Emerald cut rings

One of the oldest diamond shapes and beloved for its clean, linear lines, the Emerald is a testament to lớn exacting precision.

Pear shaped rings

Tapered to lớn perfection, the Pear is renowned for its deeply symbolic teardrop design.

Radiant cut rings

The Radiant combines linear edges and brilliant facets for a look of beauty and strength.

Cushion cut rings

A pillow-like appearance and curved edges make the Cushion a modern favorite.

Marquise cut rings

The Marquise’s unique navette shape adds romance and whimsy to lớn contemporary settings.

Trillion cut rings

A contemporary shape with three equal sides, the Trillion is faceted for fiery brilliance.

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Asscher cut rings

A study in geometry and Art Deco design, the Asshcher is a vintage-inspired favorite.

Princess cut rings

Equilateral sides and pristine shine are what give the Princess modern appeal.

Heart Shaped rings

A romantic and elegant shape that symbolizes your love and commitment. A shape that really stands out at higher carat weights.

Elongated Cushion cut rings

A contemporary diamond cut that harkens back to lớn diamonds in the Victorian era with intense fire cast by larger diamond facets.

Kite cut rings

Popoular in the Art Deco era, Kite cut rings offer a distinct shape with intricate diamond facets that combine step-cut and brilliant-cut elements for subtle yet stunning brilliance.

Round Rose cut rings

With a warm, romantic, unique look, Round Rose cut diamonds have a rose petal-like faceting pattern and a large surface area with stunning scintillation.

Shield cut rings

With a unique shape representing a shield, this cut’s shape embodies strength, durability, and luster. They make a great choice for a ring because they appear larger phàn nàn their carat weight might indicate.

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