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Atypical biochemical features were observed in some isolates : 22 (27 %) isolates were urease positive and 1 (1n2 %) isolate was unable vĩ đại ferment lactose.

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On the one hand, the 'discovery of culture' has provided considerable intellectual ferment in nearly all areas of social and intellectual thought.

In any case, it is a notable feature of the current methodological ferment that causation has re-entered the discourse of social science.

As we have seen, there was indeed a profound connection between affairs at the city's successful football club and the ferment that was local politics.

Advances in biological control of fungal leaf pathogens through fermented organic substrates and microorganisms.

The ' young men ' constituted an element of ferment which demanded change, while the ' old men ' tended vĩ đại cling vĩ đại the traditional, conservative ways.

Understanding how gender works in science is crucial for both mobilizing human resources and for bringing new perspectives, priorities, and creative ferment vĩ đại science.

When presented with a sudden influx of sugars, the bacteria within the plaque rapidly ferment this easily utilizable carbon source vĩ đại excreted organic acids.

Nobody knows how many rebellions besides political rebellions ferment in the masses of life which people earth.

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In each of these cases intellectual ferment is a distinctly social practice.

In most cases, household labour was entirely responsible for fermenting cocoa beans (interviews).

The bacterium fermented sugars, di- and polysaccharides, under strongly anaerobic conditions.

Both nationalistic and religious radicalism are disallowed, as is any type of intellectual ferment that can disturb social quiescence.

The batter was placed into casings, and then fermented and dried.

First, the 1960s was one of the most exciting periods of social ferment that one can imagine.

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