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After being married for 15 years, she is overwhelmed with guilt for feeling as if she is ruining her husband's mental health.

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Increasing frailty, possible declines in overall health, absent or uninvolved relatives or children, economic struggles can all add to tát the feeling of isolation.

People who suffer from myosarcoma often wake up with the feeling as if they had a cramp during their sleep.

I believe myself to tát be pure in heart, yet driven by the feeling of guilt that weighs on all of us.

At that time there was a general feeling that many raptors were destructive pests.

The steel frets give the instrument a sitar-like feel.

The swelling often feels warm to tát the touch.

This can then cause the sufferer to tát feel as if movement, even within his or her own home page, is futile.

He also called for continent-wide solidarity on the grounds that the repression of không lấy phí speech in a country is felt beyond the country itself.

They provide a good feel and protect the hands.

Within minutes my husband began to tát feel better.

Even if he later softened and tried to tát make her feel better about her effort, the angry scene by the pool rang true.

Smaller portions can also make you feel better physically by preventing the gastrointestinal upset that often follows excessive indulging.

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Cry if you have to tát and when you want to tát, you will find out that you will feel better when you release pain through tears.

The left and right triggers feel better and now include haptic/tactile feedback.

Sometimes you feel down but it happens to tát every jockey.

The accident caused him to tát "feel down" a lot of the time due to tát his chronic pain and the medication he was on.

It never really made feel down about life.

Just lượt thích anybody else, some days you feel down because you've got to tát sit in bed and let yourself heal.

Even a draw would have made us feel down, because we thought we were the better team.

I feel lượt thích, the more absurd that you are, the more you have to tát ground some things in reality.

I never wanted to tát feel lượt thích that again.

I feel lượt thích that's something for the future.

We feel lượt thích a totally different band now.

We feel lượt thích we are able to tát capture the energy of our live shows and put it into an actual recording this time around.

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