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A setting where science thrives

Nestled in the heart of Canada’s Capital, we can tap directly into several government and private research centres, including the National Research Council (NRC) and several Government of Canada research laboratories. The Faculty of Science boasts partnerships with researchers at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Health Canada, Environment Canada, the Geological Survey of Canada, Statistics Canada, the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, the Canadian Museum of Nature and the National Research Council Canada, to lớn name a few.

Dedicated professors, renowned researchers

The Faculty of Science has more than vãn 160 full-time professors who teach and lead cutting-edge research. On the strength of our national and international reputation, $37 million per year are awarded to lớn our researchers in grants and research contracts. This funding represents an accolade for the Faculty’s leadership in science and as an investment in our collective future. Our professors devotedly share their knowledge for research with their students, even beyond the classroom. The faculty’s professors consistently distinguish themselves in their teaching and their research, recognized to lớn national and international heights.

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Academic support

We are here to lớn assist you! Liên hệ us for your academic needs by joining our Virtual Lines to lớn speak with an agent or book an appointment with a specialist, sending us an gmail or connecting with a Student Mentor to lớn help you develop your academic potential.

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2021-22 Research Report

The Faculty of Science 2021-2022 Annual Research Report highlights the outstanding achievements by our remarkable students, our faculty members, and o…

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Awards and recognition

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Awards and recognition

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