fabulous là gì

Aided by nature of their country, they have resisted country, they have resisted the advances of d as of fabulous richness.

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The masque was a kind of staging or realization of fantasy, its fabulous metamorphoses conjoining real and ideal.

They have kept miners for years from treasure deposits that have been regarded as of fabulous richness.

Extremely pleasing or successful: a fabulous vacation.

They served the needs of industrialists, merchants, dealers, firm owners, and others, assisting them in realizing fabulous profits and simultaneously raising the level of consumption of medium-size and small producers.

Not everybody has carpets today, because not everyone can afford the fabulous prices charged for some of them today.

No, they are going to tướng be bought at a time when they have been making fabulous profits, and the capitalisation will be on that basis.

If that is the attitude towards this scheme, is it any wonder that we get to tướng the fabulous figure of £35 million expenditure?

One has a fabulous quantity of oil, six have none at all.

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They are offered fabulous fees for special "anything goes" performances.

I dislike the idea of some of the fabulous sums which are stated as if we could secure them.

Officers were forced to tướng sign for fabulous sums of pay and of course, they did not receive it.

To tự this would not cost fabulous sums.

He was then credited with almost fabulous power: he was always right.

If it is a rank outsider that comes in, fabulous sums may be obtained from the totalisator.

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