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Initial analysis of the data from the interviews and tapes of the novices also indicated qualitative changes in the nature of expertise as it developed.

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But of course; what would be the value of the journalists' authority or expertise otherwise?

Soon after the site was running, other members were brought to tướng the team, each contributing valuable knowledge and expertise.

This reader's expertise and insights were of great help throughout.

The emerging surgeon soon realizes that technical expertise in the operating theatre is only pan of a successful outcome.

With previous experiences, legislators had opportunities to tướng accumulate expertise and incentives to tướng organize legislatures in ways that relied on expertise.

This proscribes competition for "ownership" of the patient and demands an egalitarian sharing of expertise, including the expertise of ethical thinking.

In order to tướng bởi this, it intends to tướng draw on the expertise of local research foundations and the resources of external donors.

The model of expertise obtained in the elicitation process is stored in the taskstructure module of the system.

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Expertise and habits of regular members are slowly revealed to tướng other members of the community, and an implicit or explicit status is earned.

With the advent of knowledge-based computer systems, a new interest in the nature of expertise has arisen.

The faculty's expertise ranges from professional practice, to tướng fundamental and applied research in building physics, to tướng advanced computer modelling and simulation capabilities.

The book comes into its own when the author giao dịch with his own areas of expertise : legal, administrative and environmental issues.

Since the vast majority of protocols involve rats and mice, the vet should have expertise with these species and other common laboratory animal species.

Historians with expertise in military subjects can properly relate military power to tướng other elements of human life, which other cannot bởi.

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