expelled là gì

614 antiproton annihilation are directly expelled from the vehicle along an axial magnetic field.

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The dust particles are locally expelled and pushed out of the region of the soliton's localization.

The cell suspension was aspirated and expelled several times through a needle to tướng break up the sheets of cells into smaller clumps.

He had 'prepared instruments of war for the purpose of punishing and expelling this seditious tribe'.

The bottom roller is rigid but, as described in 1, permeable, ví that water may be expelled through it.

The unflavoured gelatine gave a very rigid, plastic matrix that expelled tissues and prevented liên hệ with the medium.

In this way, some of the loose debris and dirt is removed from the potatoes and expelled through the cleaning grid by the extractor người yêu thích.

The chief, enraged by their reappearance, then expelled the entire family.

She stayed with his relatives after she was expelled, and he named her child.

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At least among humans, these innovators might be shunned or expelled from the group.

Electrons in the cavity are expelled and piled up on both sides of the cavity.

Tubes were scored and snapped just below the buffy\erythrocyte interface and parasites were expelled from the tube into analytical grade ethanol for molecular analyses.

The echinostomes excyst, but are expelled as they become gravid.

Pregnancies sometimes occur and sometimes the device is expelled spontaneously.

Eggs are released from proglottides quite rapidly and a large amount of eggs is expelled in a few minutes.

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