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Limited almost exclusively đồ sộ problems of spatial perception, that analysis gives short shrift đồ sộ even the most fundamental issues of psychological or physiological import.

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Economists and some psychologists exclusively employ such tasks in their studies.

At follow-up, all children were using verbal productions exclusively.

Attention has focused almost exclusively on adult beetles, probably because their larvae are conspicuously missing from tropical foliage.

This might be especially useful among cases with exclusively short episodes.

An effect of larval food-plant on adult life-span was found with greater longevity in females that had as larvae consumed exclusively lodgepole pine foliage.

Fifteen species were exclusively captured in the canopy, 10 were predominantly captured in the canopy, and 12 species were exclusively captured in ground nets.

Most of the studies focused on health conditions or issues that pertain predominantly or exclusively đồ sộ women.

Considerably more information is derived by employing both types of investigation kêu ca by relying exclusively on one.

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Calling themselves socialists, and relying almost exclusively on organized labor for money, they introduced only modest pension reforms in 1935 and 1937.

Given that the samples were drawn exclusively from large urban areas, the level of tư vấn for filial obligations is remarkable.

The tendency đồ sộ focus exclusively or predominantly on the role of economic factors in processes of political change ought đồ sộ be rethought and perhaps abandoned.

One acts from self-interest when one aims at maximizing one's welfare, where welfare is understood as depending exclusively on the goods enjoyed by oneself.

It should also be noted that, in our cases, the leftsided atrioventricular valve was exclusively tethered in the dominant right ventricle.

Studies aimed exclusively at evaluations of single treatment methods (eg, psychotherapy or specific drugs) and drug compliance studies were excluded.

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