escalate là gì

Intercommunal violence escalated dramatically during the following two years.

They lack sufficient internal controls to lớn modulate anxiety, which can escalate to lớn panic proportions, particularly when others are not available to lớn contain and comfort them.

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Regional expenditure escalated, owing partly to lớn inflation and to lớn the transfer of major and costly services, most notably health.

To test dose escalated intensity modulated radiotherapy after conservation surgery for early breast cancer in women with higher than thở average local recurrence risk.

In so sánh doing, it may help prevent the conflict from escalating and may lead to lớn an earlier resolution.

Alternatively, though, harassment of girls may continue to lớn escalate into the high school years.

When neither happened, dissatisfaction escalated, desertions mounted, and authority was losing its grip on discipline.

Findings suggested that boys characterized by high activity level and low levels of fear in infancy escalated in both externalizing and internalizing symptoms.

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As these threatening practices accumulate, they make it more likely that eventually a crisis or militarized dispute will occur that escalates to lớn war.

Instead, there were a phối of governing themes that underpinned a number of propaganda initiatives that escalated in intensity as the war progressed.

The study finds that civil society has flowered, taken over and escalated the struggle and constructed itself into a solid formation of regional resistance.

When graphic designers, photographers and illustrators are involved, costs begin to lớn escalate.

Once erupted, the riot escalated into a straightforward class battle.

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Since 1993, as successive central governments have restrained public spending and taxation, social services departments have experienced escalating demands for tư vấn but stringent budgetary constraints.

This situation created a tense environment in the mill towns which escalated rapidly into strikes on several occasions.

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