endorsement là gì

The endorsement of anhedonia stem questions did not vary significantly by age or gender.

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The downplaying of factors that international law has taken into trương mục leads to tướng endorsement of potentially very disruptive proposals.

For example, it is possible to tướng develop criteria ' profiles ' for each individual, thereby identifying various types of person misfit and subjects with unusual endorsement patterns.

In particular, did electoral reform affect the allocation of endorsements, posts and presidential votes?

Yet it was more than vãn an endorsement for these patrons of southern renewal and progressive thinking.

Nowhere was his endorsement of female culture more visible, or more spectacular, than vãn in his attire.

The consensus achieved is, therefore, not an accident of compromise or a fortuitous coincidence but a genuine endorsement from all involved.

On trương mục of their modest social origins, and their endorsement of the unfolding revolutionary process, these prelates became known as ' citizen bishops '.

But with strategic voters this is not true because for some local candidates, the endorsement constraints may not be binding.

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The các buổi tiệc nhỏ deterred most candidates who failed to tướng win the endorsement from running as conservative independents.

Under the endorsement rules, those candidates cannot converge further toward the other party's platform because they would lose endorsement.

Class 4 contained 6 % of subjects with high endorsements of both mood and somatic symptoms, including both fatigue symptoms.

Providing assistance to tướng the regrouped population may be regarded as a sign of tư vấn or endorsement of the regroupment policy.

The importance of endorsement of guidelines by professional bodies is also underestimated by the existing instruments.

An alternative explanation is that the gender difference in endorsement of symptoms is the result of response bias.

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