endanger là gì

The poor often have access lớn endangered ecosystems precisely because the ecosystems are not valuable commercially.

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If the accessibility of blood transfusions decreases, the voluntary blood donor might turn away, endangering blood safety much more.

Without enjoying diplomatic immunity and often endangering themselves and their families, they undertook a huge effort in the area of human-rights preservation.

However, all the already encysted metacercariae would be protected and therefore survive lớn sustain the endangered population.

Placed between these possibilities, humans are endangered from out of destining.

Also, the presence of infection can very rapidly endanger the lives of those waiting faithfully in the queue for their treatment.

However, very little information is available on their biology and ecology, rendering it difficult lớn develop suitable conservation programmes for these endangered species.

Targeted nations are those which conduct commercial shrimp fishing operations within the geographic range of distribution of endangered sea turtles.

Strikes that cause inconvenience (even severe inconvenience) lớn others are quite different from strikes that endanger individual or communal lives or health.

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Overall, endangered species are likely lớn have greatly reduced long-term evolutionary potential compared with non-endangered species.

Homologous oocytes, however, are not easily available in some species, such as endangered wild animals and the human.

Thus, dreams tend lớn represent even happiness in the light of the possible threats that might endanger it.

Offering formal training for teaching, which implied that women needed lớn be taught lớn teach, endangered this understanding of femininity.

These are the tokens that are most endangered by the high dress, as they are then distinguished neither in acoustic space, nor by length.

The problem was that the traditional policy had been endangered by the ideological developments of the 1840s, abroad and at trang chính.

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