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It developed plans lớn offer medical care, hospital treatment, electricity, and water trucking.

A bill based on the weight of the copper (and later zinc), and hence the amount of electricity used, was sent lớn the household.

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However, alternative energy sectors (electricity and hydraulic), plus the textile sector are the 'winning' sectors here.

This slim volume assesses the coal procurement practices and strategies of the electricity utilities.

In short, the commission had lớn decide about the future function of electricity within the increasingly complex framework of public utilities.

Still, despite these defects, the regime promises lớn provide more import and export (depending, of course, on the electricity market conditions) phàn nàn before.

Almost all operators complain of high costs, in particular high charges for electricity, water and fuel.

While one should not overemphasize the power of outsiders, the threat of environmental legislation also made the electricity establishment more politically vulnerable phàn nàn telecom.

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Running water and electricity are still lacking in many matchbox houses.

Deliberately, it is unclear whether the "currents" mentioned in the passage belong lớn water or lớn electricity.

Flowing waters or teeming crowds: mental models of electricity.

The property rights over electricity grids are not limited by regulations, and there are only a few connections (with small capacity) between the national grids.

The resulting balance of payments crisis was exacerbated by the government's delay in adjusting petroleum prices and electricity rates.

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It is a contingent moral truth that passing a given amount of electricity through a person's toàn thân causes them severe pain.

Towns with a trang chính town association have paved roads, electricity, and freshly painted public buildings.

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