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The illustrative example relates to tát a power distribution system and would be a natural topic for electrical engineering students.

A popular example of an analog model is the use of electrical circuit models of mechanical systems.

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Then, after considering that the mechanical dynamics dominates the electrical one, model (16) can easily be obtained and expressed as a matrix equation lượt thích (5).

Moreover, it also reduces the electric field on electrodes and in gaps, which is preferable for electrical insulation.

Spontaneous synaptic activity was persistent during carbenoxolone application, indicating that chemical transmission onto these neurons was intact and only electrical transmission was disrupted.

However, small electrohydraulic valves with a high degree of precision are much more expensive and less reliable kêu ca powerful electrical amplifiers and controllers.

The electrical pulses are directed through a copper coil, shaped in a figure eight, which is placed against the human's scalp.

Direct and indirect activation of nerve cells by electrical pulses applied extracellularly.

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There is still much work to tát be done in terms of merging representations across mechanical, electrical, and information domains.

For instance, lesion of the preoptic area produces long-lasting insomnia while electrical or pharmacological stimulation and warming induces sleep.

The streets are of dirt, the electrical power is weak and there is no natural gas, sewer system, public lighting or garbage service.

Thus, electrical brain stimulation or excitation from a focus of pathological excitation in the cortex may mimic cortical attentional mechanisms.

Perhaps the greatest obstacle is the need for an electrical microcentrifuge and stable power supply.

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A simple scaling law of electrical discharge at high pressure is obtained.

The paper traces the emergence of this electro-psychological framework beyond "electroencephalography," the recording of electrical brain waves, to tát "diagnoscopy," personality profiling by electric phrenology.

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