elaborate là gì

In the over this elaborate process has so sánh far sustained the electoral dominance of the two national parties.

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That is, vĩ đại elaborate on how vĩ đại engineer artificial systems with desirable emergent properties.

This should lead the way vĩ đại developing child language, and vĩ đại elaborating hybrid language models - both symbolic and probabilistic - for the adult language.

Perhaps, certain cultural (medical) practices elaborate on masculine, or respectively, feminine, themes.

An elaborate system of this kind is obviously not the product of an oral or semioral practitioners' culture but of a school.

They vì thế not require the construction of elaborate stencils or masks as they have their own methods of achieving precision.

The gardens and lakes were prepared for the performance of elaborate pageantry and simulated naval battles.

Our purpose here is vĩ đại elaborate these analytical dimensions in relation vĩ đại workplace discourse.

The elaborate, if formalised, rhetoric of official speeches is not comparable vĩ đại a series of popularised archaeological accounts or newspaper articles.

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We start from a simple series and then elaborate it.

Changes in the architectural order of the monument can thus be seen as a means of elaborating the classificatory possibilities which it made available.

The effects of simplified and elaborated texts on foreign language reading comprehension.

In this magnum opus he used biological metaphors vĩ đại analyse the functioning of a national economic system and elaborate a detailed typology of socio-economic phenomena.

Thus, an experienced, talented embroiderer working on the panels for elaborate, expensive dresses could expect vĩ đại earn, at most, slightly less kêu ca £80 per year.

She elaborates this connection, which goes beyond words vĩ đại musical material and dramatic structures.

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