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Clearly, the terms economical and good should be clarified in a mathematical setting of the problem.

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However, it isn't an economical solution for small devices.

We found that there are many more verbs that tự not allow consonant doubling, so sánh listing the verbs that tự is the most economical solution.

An economical estimation for the repetition rate may influence this.

Variable binding also yields an anaphoric interpretation, while being more economical.

Several dozen such regions were specified on the basis of climatic, geographical, economical, and historical data.

There is not a wasted note in this moving and economical score, which achieves its expressive aims perfectly and, having done so sánh, closes without fuss.

From a strict economical perspective, the development will lead to lớn better use of resources and hence the ability to lớn treat more patients.

In addition to lớn quantified answers to lớn clinical or economical questions, other kinds of knowledge should be developed.

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A first observation is that it does not seem feasible to lớn try to lớn reconstruct the direct economical value or exchange ratio of things.

The social and economical connotations of elements from the nineteenth-century cultural landscape have often changed sharply.

The binary coding of binomial heaps is more space economical.

The past is complete and 'still', and has become detached from economical and social productivity.

Nature, as a rural phenomenon, is particularly associated in this perception with the absence of an economical, productive function.

Though priced relatively high, it seemed potentially the simplest and most economical scheme, and offered generous exhibition areas.

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