drop in là gì

In 1896, for geographical reasons it was not as easy đồ sộ ' drop-in ' as it is now.

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Examples đồ sộ enhance accessibility include mobile/outreach services, extended office hours, drop-in appointments, translators and appropriate pamphlets.

Most were amenable đồ sộ drop-in formats and đồ sộ heterogeneous membership.

Providing a "drop-in" service and continuing education after the initial program of contacts is completed could be a useful service development, warranting further evaluation.

Families from the parent - child center were participating in the center's programs, which include daily preschool classes, behavior management education, and drop-in parents' groups.

Preference for a drop-in health facility was expressed by the majority.

There is also the opportunity for pupils đồ sộ drop-in informally for information lea ets on a range of health and related matters, or đồ sộ chat with staff.

There were numerous anecdotal accounts (mainly verbal reporting) of initiatives speci cally directed towards teenagers, such as drop-in services in schools, youth centres, health clinics or general practice surgeries.

It also provides a drop-in centre for dental services for young homeless people.

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Money was also put into providing primary health care on a drop-in basis in hospitals or day centres.

Local parks and drop-in centres are now being improved by sure start investment throughout the country.

The break down of regular drop-in and appointment surgeries by region is detailed in the table.

It is not a general drop-in advice service.

The centre is complemented by drop-in and crèche facilities for parents.

Decisions about drop-in health information centres are taken at a local level đồ sộ address local need.

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