DOOM (2016) on a gaming laptop Clevo p650SG – GTX 980m


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It’s been over a year since I bought this gaming laptop and as of now most modern games still run really solid and this has become my main editing machine as well. I wanted to show how most recently released version of Doom plays on this game on highest settings.

This video is about the insides and benchmarks of this laptop a new gaming laptop produced by Clevo and distributed by a Korean company called Hansung Computers

Their laptops are somewhat cheaper than their American counterparts.

The specific review for this unit can be found here (although it features a weaker video card):

This laptop has:
16 GB Samsung RAM
GTX 980m Nvidia card with 4GB vRAM
1TB Samsung drive
120GB Samsung SSD drive for booting
1080p IPS display with crystal clear colours and resolution
4th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-4720HQ Processor

Like with all Clevo laptops, this laptop can be easily upgraded with more RAM, HD/SSD space and other features (up to 2 hard drives and 3 m.2 SSDs)

The only two parts that are soldered are CPU and GPU.

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