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The rich diversity and the production environment and methods are favorable for organic rice production.

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Science shows the unity, art shows the diversity of the riddle which we đường dây nóng the world.

Rigorous comparisons among the various studies are difficult, given the diversity of areas, stimuli, behavioral task and recording paradigms involved.

Any categorisation of chronological age obscures the physiological, psychological and social diversity of older people.

Diversity may have been influenced by radiation subsequent to lớn colonization, or by secondary radiations in contemporary host taxa.

The net result is reduced diversity in provision.

We reduce (a) the multiplicity of parties to lớn four buổi tiệc nhỏ 'families' and (b) the diversity of the buổi tiệc nhỏ systems to lớn three types.

Creating culturally relevant ways of thinking about diversity and aging : theoretical challenges for the twenty-first century.

The diversity of themes covered in the papers is the reason why this seemed to lớn be such an eclectic mix.

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Trophic diversity is assessed by assigning taxa to lớn trophic habits, thereby revealing the appearance of new components of ecosystem structure over time.

It is to lớn be hoped that community healthcare researchers, in any part of the world, could routinely integrate diversity into their day-to-day planning of studies.

There were no relationships between quantity, diversity or complexity of parent talk and the proportion of utterances that were eliciting.

The role of specialisation in nutrient-use efficiency as a mechanism driving species diversity in a tropical rain forest.

Similar non-random processes maintain diversity in two tropical rainforests.

Consequently, these results may underrepresent the diversity of pathways to lớn adolescent externalizing problems, particularly early-starter pathways, and may underestimate the magnitude of the predictor variables.

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