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A distinctive feature of qualitative methods is the flexibility of research designs, particularly where ethnographic methods using a range of techniques are involved.

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The qualitative character of men and women's friendships was often distinctive, although mediated by social class and area differences.

As this feature is often distinctive in consonants, it should be able to tướng create ' cross-category ' feature-economy effects among all these various types of sounds.

For nonliving things, distinctive visual features are correlated with function; identification of individual items is thus better.

The most distinctive feature of quantum theory - the interference of probabilities - is thus expressed equally well in position space and momentum space.

It is demonstrated that in the presence of corruption the optimum mix of policies have certain distinctive properties.

To exploit the information, we decided to tướng use the two surveys as independent datasets, each with distinctive information about contemporaneous social exchange.

Specifically, measurement studies highlight the distinctive nature of impulsive aggression.

This fact cannot be encoded in the underlying representation because syllabification is not distinctive.

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To it, as we have seen, the law ascribes a distinctive existence, a capacity for right and duty, a personality.

They may also bring distinctive understandings of the meaning of the clinical encounter, and the ethics that ought to tướng guide it.

In the affirmative action empire, each nationality needed its own language in which to tướng cultivate its distinctive socialist culture.

The possibility that the fifteenth century brought a new and distinctive attitude to tướng the elderly poor is not addressed.

Furthermore, each pyramid contains a geographically distinctive group of individuals.

This focus on biological mechanisms gives a distinctive flavour to tướng the book.

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