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Proliferation of granule cell precursors in the dentate gyrus of adult monkeys is diminished by stress.

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The overestimation diminishes with an increasing number of loci, but is still about 0.02 even when 100 loci are used.

On the face of it, strife had been diminishing.

Based on simulations, they observe that recombination together with synergistic or diminishing epistasis increases or decreases permissible mutation rates and genome sizes.

First, the likelihood of subsequent non-attendance may be diminished.

Certainly, over a long historical period it might be expected that unrecorded separations would have diminished as a proportion of all marriage breakdowns.

Religion remained a significant determinant of intended family size but its effect had diminished.

The effect of employment status seems vĩ đại have diminished during the decade.

Although collective work parties have diminished since the ' time of the elders ', they still take place frequently, particularly among certain categories of people.

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The rate of production of thyroxine is diminished.

In theory, a không lấy phí market would cope with this by raising prices vĩ đại a point where demand diminished vĩ đại match supply.

However, the opposite trend, albeit diminished, was seen at the soma, where the unconfined distribution was more effective than vãn the clustered distribution.

The heightened baseline pain state reached a peak at 3 weeks post-injury, and diminished back vĩ đại baseline by 1 year.

Removal of the cotyledons strongly diminished enzymatic activity in the embryonic axis.

The cytokinin or ethylene requirements for overcoming thermoinhibition of lettuce germination can also be eliminated or diminished by removing or weakening the endosperm.

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