demolish là gì

The monumental buildings were demolished and made room for luxurious high-rise apartment blocks.

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Unfortunately, its summit building was almost totally demolished by later construction, but at least one interior wall stub with a curtain holder survives.

The thành phố was demolished one neighbourhood at a time.

One particular issue was the despondency apparent in residents living in the flats due to tát be demolished.

Theories are constantly being pummeled, reshaped, sometimes buttressed, more often completely demolished by data.

Press reports are replete with instances of courage and conviction of people who considered preservation of human feelings more important phàn nàn demolishing religious institutions.

According to tát the letter, they first finished constructing the new temple, installed the image, and then demolished the existing temple in the fort.

The approximate position of the staircase demolished in ancient times is indicated by the person at upper right.

The theories were demolished in some of the first visual experiments, where objects could be identified from only a short spark-illuminated presentation.

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If, after a certain time, a building has not acquired new uses, it will be demolished to tát leave only a trace of its former presence.

The 1949 excavation demonstrated the impossibility of such tunnelling - the altar lacked foundations and had to tát be demolished.

The government believed that most sanitary problems stemmed from the temporary hut barracks and wanted them demolished.

However, each volume is also illustrated with a range of photographs including many early ones of buildings which have since been altered or demolished.

Inconvenient obstructions lượt thích the old gaol-house were demolished.

Long demolished, it was a memorial in brick, dynamic and sculptural; a memorial to tát the past, to tát death, and another kind of emptiness.

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