Dell Precision 7920 Tower Workstation – REVIEW

The 7920 Tower Workstation is highly scalable and offers almost eight times more memory, at 3TB than Dell’s next most powerful workstation, the Precision 7820. In that respect, it is similar to how HP has structured their two top-of-the-line Z-Series workstations, the Z8 and Z6 G4 platforms. And a spoiler alert, the next one down, the Precision 5820, also very similar to HP’s Z4 G4. Although, one of the more interesting features on Dell’s Precision workstations is support for M.2 and U.2 drives in hot-swap front-mounted drive carriers.

Like I said when reviewing HP’s Z8 G4 workstation several months back, there are two contenders for the title of the “World’s most powerful workstation”. HP’s Z8 G4, and Dell’s Precision 7920 workstation tower. No, this is not a cliff hanger, they’re both ridiculously equipped to handle an obscene amount of memory and storage supported by dual Intel Xeon Scalable processors. And again, I will reiterate the fact that most people, even those who do need a … Watch the video!

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