Dell G5 Gaming Laptop Review: Your Average ‘Gaming’ Joe

Find about the Dell G5 2018 gameplay, display, battery, thermals, keyboard, processor, graphics card, cooling system and more features & specs in this Dell G5 gaming laptop review.

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Now if you’ve followed us on all the social media accounts, let’s get into the Dell G5 specs. The laptop comes with a 15.6-inch Full-HD display, which is surrounded by thick bezels. Nonetheless, the Dell G5 display looks decent with 60Hz of refresh rate. When it comes to the color accuracy, the display looks really dull with merely 58% of standard RGB, 44% of NTSC Color Gamut, and just 46% of Adobe RGB. With such a poor color accuracy, my Dell G5 Video editing was not so memorable. Furthermore, the display on the device is not that appealing even in terms of brightness. At 219 nits, the display on the device looks somewhat dark. So this laptop is not for the content creators. And if you thinking to buy the Dell G5 for video editing, I would recommend you not to go that way. And we have tried to explain that clearly in this Dell G5 full review.

On the performance front, the Dell G5 features a capable processor. The laptop comes with Core i7 8750H processor backed by 8GB of RAM. The Dell G5 i7 8750H & 8GB RAM does a good job when it comes to day to day tasks. The laptop runs absolutely smoothly when it comes to running normal apps and multitasking between them. The laptop did not break into a sweat even when I opened 20 tabs in the Google Chrome. So, on my Dell G5 i7 8750H review; I was satisfied with the performance.

Likewise, when it comes to the graphics card, the laptop boasts NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphics card. And if you do the Dell G5 and G7 comparison, you would barely find any differences in the performance and the gaming front. But when we performed the Dell G5 vs G7, the G5 variant looked somewhat inferior. The Dell G5 looks more or less of an upgrade over the Dell Inspiron 7577 but on our Dell G5 vs Dell Inspiron 7577 test, the above statement was found to be merely codswallop. On our Dell G5 vs Dell 7577 comparison, there were not many things in common except the design.

When it comes the Dell G5 5587 gaming, with the GTX 1050Ti on the board and 8GB of RAM, the device is capable of handling almost all sorts of games. I played PUBG, CS: GO, DOTA 2, FIFA 19, and many other games. My Dell G5 FIFA 19 experience was really delightful as the game ran at 80fps on the average. However, I would have to consider my Dell G5 CSGO and Dell G5 DOTA 2 experience merely average at the games hardly crossed 60fps on the high-graphics settings. Dell G5 PUBG experience was not that delightful either. The game ran at barely 50fps with few lags and stutters here and there. You can watch the gameplay here in this dell g5 2018 review and decide for yourself whether the device is good for your gaming needs.

As for the Dell G5 thermals, the large air vents do their job. Dell G5 cooling system is really appreciable as the laptop never heats up to the point to make it uncomfortable to use – even while gaming. There is very less thermal throttling, even after an hour of gaming. However, you will start to notice a 10% drop in frame rates after that amount of time, but nothing that will hamper your experience.

When it comes to the horsepower, the 56Whr Dell G5 battery provides a decent backup. While gaming, the laptop lasts only for 1 and a half hours. But on the normal use, the Dell g5 battery life extends to around four and a half hours, which is really great considering the gaming nature of the device. Some of the Dell G5 have also been complaining about the Dell G5 not charging issue, however, I didn’t face that issue on my use.


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