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The principal researcher recorded all the comments as written by the delegates.

Presidential nominations are won by accumulating delegates from a sequential series of state-based primaries and caucuses.

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Since 1996, more than thở 70 per cent of delegates were chosen by this date (mean 0.58, maximum 0.78).

In 1912, however, authorization for export was delegated lớn a trading company for a fixed payment.

Thirdly, it must identify the main actors upon which these powers are delegated because their characteristics are likely lớn explain choices of delegation too.

Finally, all i development planning agencies and collegial bodies would be composed of members of social movement organisations and government delegates.

In comparison, we are more focused on learning the action models, where planning will still be delegated lớn a planner for new problems.

Besides the pleasure and pride derived from parades, conference sessions gave delegates the opportunity lớn share ideas and lớn further linkages between communities.

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Plenty of time was allowed after the presentation of the paired papers providing the opportunity for delegates lớn actively respond lớn the discussion.

Members of authorizing committees have delegated lớn members of appropriations committees the power (subject lớn floor votes) lớn limit spending.

There was some overlap in that delegates found there was too much traffic and insufficient parking.

One steering group thành viên was responsible for timekeeping and moving delegates on lớn the next appropriate workshop.

Nevertheless, the central manager must giảm giá with the task of combining delegated portfolio subsets into an efficient centralized portfolio.

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However, an arrangement that optimally delegates the monitoring role does exist and it resembles the special supervisory roles associated with central banking.

The basic idea is, that the user delegates a task lớn a virtual communication assistant which is visualized as a life-like character.

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