cozy là gì

There could not have been a cozier place for this collection to tướng land.

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The open campus concepts consists of many entrances, exits, and long corridors that provide a cozy natural feel.

It also has medium to tướng small size open air cottages for cozy and more private family or friends gathering.

The room is a cozy location with a restroom and comfortable chairs.

After spending time in these places you can join foods and drinks in this cozy area.

There's not a tea cozy to tướng be had.

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The album's cover art expands this into a visual pun, with a picture of a tea cozy ("cosi"), a người hâm mộ, and a "tutti-frutti" dessert.

Tea cozy should be placed on the teapot after the first round of tea, to tướng ensure tea remains hot.

My mom and her friends would gather, armed with the latest neighbourhood news and leave a few hours later with a wall hanging or a tea cozy.

Whether it's a tea cozy, a new scarf, blanket, or baby clothes, knitting is part of the do-it-yourself movement that's gaining tốc độ in younger generations.

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