cool là gì

Clay and limestone based soils are often cooler, allowing less heat to lớn reach the vines, delaying ripening.

During outgoing tides, these channels pump cool, mineral-laden fresh water into the pool.

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The larger of the vessels were usually buried half-way into the soil which naturally kept the contents cool.

Different heating and cooling rates can be used to lớn produce different equilibrations.

Normally lethargic and halfhearted, she dons a cool face to lớn keep her genius reputation.

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By his cheerful courage and coolness he was enabled to lớn maintain the spirit of his men under most trying conditions.

Built of brick, with cavity walls for coolness, the building was topped with a tiled roof and flche.

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The lower level was often sunken into the ground for coolness, and had vaulted ceilings.

Under all that she has a lot of substance to lớn her and her coolness is just a face.

The hot harmattan winds evaporate toàn thân moisture quickly and give a sensation of coolness to lớn the skin.