competitor là gì

To gain market advantage, a manufacturer should outclass competitors in either quality or cost or quick response, or a combination of one or more.

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To be more precise, he runs away from the law by defiantly refusing vĩ đại win the race as the favourite competitor.

If the identity of the nearest competitor is important, then the margin of victory over this competitor should be a significant constraint on expenditure decisions.

There are and always will be "schools of thought" that favor one or more interpretive themes over competitors.

This is not a process of a large number of competitors joining a system that thereby becomes entrenched.

If this position can be sustained, then the advantages of bivalentist omniscience over its competitors make it the natural mặc định position for open theists.

This approach requires numerous dilution series vĩ đại ensure synchronisation between the linear range of amplification of the unknowns and the competitors.

The emphasis of and articulated reason for the competitions is the lyrical nội dung and vocal artistry of competitors.

The middle-aged group, the 30- vĩ đại 49-year-olds, are a watershed generation, where really and very are robust competitors.

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For instance, the terms of a contract with a company may need vĩ đại be held confidential and protected from competitors.

The state conferred upon a privileged few the right vĩ đại unilaterally phối prices, regulate output and exclude competitors from the market.

The reason was that the forest animals were the main competitors for the jungle crops.

In this paper, we discuss three such approaches suggested in the recent economic literature: the time-elasticity, competitor-share, and option-demand approaches.

The name of the within-language competitor was never spoken in either language during the experiment.

I will argue that the proposals made in the commentaries are not viable competitors.

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