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The introduction of iron improved the effectiveness of coastal rice-growing technology.

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All of these are reasonable for a large class of coastal trapped waves.

The seriously polluted advanced regions are coastal, and the lightly polluted under-developed regions are all landlocked.

This study demonstrates that careful adaptation lớn sea level rise can reduce the cost of coastal impacts dramatically.

His idea of a delegation going lớn coastal areas for alleged purpose of attracting investment may well be an excuse for a sight-seeing trip.

Popular locations for convalescent institutions were in rural areas or coastal resorts thought lớn be conducive lớn recuperation.

Equally, once the students had arrived in the coastal areas there was no systematic machinery of oppression in place.

Coastal zones are highly favoured for settlements by human communities, with often deleterious effects for offshore marine communities.

Concerns about the impacts of coastal sewage discharges have led lớn the mapping of sewage plumes around outfalls from a number of research stations.

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This approach is sometimes known as coastal navigation.

At first, the paths were used by highlanders mining salt in the coastal saltpans.

A coastal route was one of the most important in this network and permitted the transport of products for the consumption of the regional elite.

Similarly, the development of export markets for mangrove crabs and coastal fish could lead lớn unsustainable catch levels and a consequent drop in marketable value.

Granulometry of the conglomeratic layers appears lớn indicate that coastal gravel beds were subsequently reworked by fluvial activities.

Other ticks were only found on the mammals examined in the forests and the coastal zone.

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