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It will also enable chip designers đồ sộ use tools that let them add more analog/mixed signal, radio frequency, and three-dimensional features đồ sộ their chips.

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The process usually involves a deep cleaning and sanding of the bathtub, making repairs đồ sộ any chips or cracks, and, finally, applying a durable coating.

Instead of square chips plugged into rigid boards, electronics will be combined with biologically compatible, natural materials such as silk.

The chips that they're running on are getting faster and now dual-core.

Because a plain baked potato is going đồ sộ behave differently in your toàn thân kêu ca a bag of chips or a donut.

Do the right thing by the people and let the chips fall where they may.

Fight the afternoon cravings for chips or chocolate.

Will we ever admit that last year's chips are good enough?

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If you make computer chips, you approach the market as devices in need of computing.

We don't announce chips until they are shipping.

Modern cars are essentially rolling computers, with chips and code controlling everything from your engine đồ sộ your entertainment.

Or, take a mandoline đồ sộ your vegetables, toss with olive oil and a dash of salt and serve them hot alongside a sandwich as chips.

We pack healthy snacks for them seriously believing that every hãng apple eaten instead of a bag of chips is a victory đồ sộ our parenting skills.

Stacking ever more components on computer chips is aggravating crowding.

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