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Both crops likely lớn be eaten uncooked and cereals were planted.

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Numerous pigeons fed on cereals scattered by passers-by.

Improving ' ' drought resistance in small-grained cereals: a case study, progress and prospects.

Physiological limitations lớn cereals yields and ways of reducing them by breeding.

As a vegetatively propagated crop, seed quality is more important for potatoes than vãn for cereals or pulses.

Breeding opportunities for increasing the efficiency of water use and crop yield in temperate cereals.

Were the cereals in question cultivated nearby or are they the results of exchange with communities living in areas that were better suited lớn agriculture?

Commercial reorientation of agricultural production occurs for the primary staple cereals as well as for the so-called high-value cash crops.

Over the centuries, when most lived in the forest-heartland, they supported themselves by growing cereals and keeping livestock.

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Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium relations in five major cereals reviewed in respect lớn fertilizer recommendations using simulation modelling.

Modelling ammonia volatilization from animal slurry applied with trail hoses lớn cereals.

Alongside these pastoral movements, a large sedentary agricultural population practises the cultivation of cereals in the dryland areas.

The authors are all statisticians, so sánh plant breeding per se gets little mention and an overwhelming concentration on cereals is apparent.

Parasitism was higher when cereals were intercropped with other plants and when wild grass hosts of stemborers were present.

Smaller, but still significant, acreages are in processed vegetables, mint and cereals.

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